02 Sep

iC880A Backplane Back in Stock!

The Coredump iC880A LoRaWAN Backplanes are back in stock! We just received a shipment of fully assembled PCBs from the factory.

A box full of PCBs

The first tests show that they are in perfect working order:

A backplane PCB being tested

What’s New?

The boards are currently at version 2.1. This hardware revision is almost identical to the version 2.0, with a few small changes:

  • The footprint for the SHT21 temperature/humidity sensor is gone, since we now always use the superior SHTC3 sensor.
  • The footprint for the capacitor C2 was removed, since it’s not required in practice.
  • The silkscreen was optimized for easier assembly.

Available Variants

To simplify assembly and logistics, we stopped offering different versions of the board. All boards now include all features and sensors. Furthermore, all boards are fully assembled, the solder-it-yourself version is not available anymore. We have slightly reduced the price of the PCB though, so it’s currently available for 45 CHF.

Our Offer for Hackers and Makers

Are you part of a hackerspace, makerspace or some other community group and want to build a gateway for a non-commercial project that somehow benefits the public (e.g. a public gateway for The Things Network)? We want to support these use cases! Drop us an e-mail at shop@coredump.ch explaining your project to get the backplane 33% cheaper!

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