iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway Backplane v2.1

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NOTE: Once the remaining backplanes are sold out, we will probably not order another batch. This means that if you still want some iC880A backplanes, you should order them while they’re still available 🙂

This is an adapter board to connect an IMST iC880A-SPI LoRaWAN concentrator board to a 40-pin Raspberry Pi (2B / 3B / Zero). It also gives you some ways to enhance and monitor your gateway. Current version: v2.1 (see v2.0 news post and v2.1 news post for details). Raspberry Pi / iC880A not included!

Note: This board is sold as a development kit (as a part of a full DIY gateway) and not a finished product. No certifications have been done, but every board is tested by us before shipping, to ensure it works!


Besides connecting the two boards, the PCB gives you the following additional features:

Power supply

  • Screw terminal for direct power input/output (5V)
  • Screw terminal with on-board MP1584 step-down regulator (6.7-28V input, fixed 5V output). Great to connect a PoE-Adapter.
  • Polyfuse and TVS diode to protect against voltage spikes
  • Protection against accidentally reversed polarity

Sensors for monitoring


  • Programmable button connected to GPIO (e.g. to shut down the Pi)
  • Three programmable LEDs (Red/Yellow/Blue) connected to GPIO header
  • 1 female pin header for serial communication (RX/TX)
  • 2 female pin headers with pull-ups for I²C based sensors (SDA/SCL/GND/3.3V/5V)
  • Full access to Raspberry Pi GPIO header


  • MOSFET with flyback diode for connecting and regulating a 5V DC fan


  • Mounting holes for Raspberry Pi 2B / 3B / Zero (two nylon spacers included)

Open Source

  • Open source hardware, full schematics provided with every order!
  • KiCAD project available here under the TAPR Open Hardware License

More details can be found here: https://github.com/dbrgn/ic880a-backplane

Usage Notes

  • You can find the schematics here.
  • Here is a quick guide on how to read the SHTC3 temperature/humidity sensor from the Raspberry Pi.
  • To monitor your gateway, you can find Collectd plugins for the SHTC3 and the MCP3425 here.
  • The LEDs are connected to GPIO pins 36, 38 and 40 (BOARD numbering system). The button is connected to GPIO pin 32 (BOARD numbering system). You can find an example script here.
  • In case you want to use the MCP3425 ADC to monitor the supply voltage: Here is an example script. You can find a Collectd plugin on Github. And here’s a brand new Rust driver.
  • Here is an example shutdown script (and sytemd service file) that allows you to shut down your Pi with the button.
  •  Datasheets:


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Our Offer for Hackers and Makers

Are you part of a hackerspace, makerspace or some other community group and want to build a gateway for a non-commercial project that somehow benefits the public (e.g. a public gateway for The Things Network)? We want to support these use cases! Drop us an e-mail at shop@coredump.ch explaining your project to get the backplane 33% cheaper!


Feel free to contact us at shop@coredump.ch if you have any questions or any general feedback. We’re also happy about reviews, just click on the “Reviews” tab above!

Thanks for your order! With it, you are supporting the efforts of our hackerspace to provide the infrastructure for noncommercial technical projects and to teach electronics and programming to kids and other people that want to learn 🙂

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 25 mm

3 reviews for iC880A LoRaWAN Gateway Backplane v2.1

  1. Mariusz (verified owner)

    I purchased the fully assembled version of the board and the quality is excellent. I had no problems connecting the ic880a to my Rpi3B. One change I would like to see is that pin 19 of the ic880a be brought out onto the backplane, maybe near the TX and RX pins so that a PPS signal from an external GPS module can easily be connected.

  2. Jonas M. (verified owner)

    We have a Raspberry Pi based outdoor gateway using this backplane running for almost 2 years now, it works flawlessly! Being able to monitor the temperature and supply voltage is great, especially during hot summer days.

  3. ludovic.fachaux (verified owner)

    Great product
    Fast shipping
    Great documentation
    Have the pps output is an added value 🙂

    • Danilo

      Thank you for the review!

      I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but in case the PPS output was a feature request: The backplane already provides an exposed PPS pad! You can find it in the lower right corner next to the serial connector.

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